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2022 – Published Scientific Articles

2022 – Published Scientific Articles Dragana Bartolić, Dragosav Mutavdžić, Jens Michael Carstensen, Slavica Stanković, Milica Nikolić, Saša Krstović & Ksenija Radotić (2022) Fluorescence spectroscopy and multispectral imaging for fingerprinting of aflatoxin-B1 contaminated (Zea mays L.) seeds: a preliminary study George Pampoukis, Anastasia E. Lytou, Anthoula A. Argyri, Efstathios Z. Panagou and George-John E. Nychas (2022)

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2022 – Posters / Oral Presentations

2022 – Posters / Oral Presentations Myrisis, G., Fengou L-C., Tsakanikas, P., Panagou., E.Z., Nychas, G-J. Detection of Adulteration in Raw and Cooked Beef Using Multispectral Imaging. IAFP, Munich, Germany, 4-6 May 2022, T4-05. Tsekos, G., Fengou, L-C., Panagou, E.Z., Nychas, G-J. Multispectral Imaging for Estimating the Microbiological Quality of Chicken Fillets Stored Under Different

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Seminars University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST) | Symposium on risk assessment of Listeria monocytogenes . University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST) | Professor Gorris from the Netherlands was invited to participate in the academic seminar organized by the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and the academic seminar was

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Webinars Data Science in the Food Industry | IAFP (16/3/2021) Process Analytical Technology and its implementation of Meat Sector | SEVEK (22/3/2021) Implementation of data science in food safety and quality | FOODOMICS (20/4/2021) Link 1 Link 2 IAFP Link 1 Link 2 Implementation of Data Science in tandem with non-invasive instruments communication technologies in

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2021 – Posters / Oral Presentations

2021 – Posters / Oral Presentations Lemonia-Christina Fengou, Alexandra Lianou, Panagiotis Tsakanikas, Efstathios Panagou and George-John Nychas, P1-27 Detection of Minced Beef Adulteration by Means of UV-VIS Spectrometer; Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotechnology of Foods, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece. In 2021 European Symposium on Food Safety.

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2021 – Published Scientific Articles

2021 – Published Scientific Articles Bai Z, Wang W, Ji X, et al. (2021) Application of CRISPR in evolution analysis, detecting and typing, virulence and antibiotic resistance regulation in food-borne pathogens [J]. Chinese Journal of Biotechnology, 2021, 37(07): 2414-2424. DOI: 10.13345/j.cjb.200539 Chen L, Chen N, He Q, et al. (2021) Preparation of a functional yogurt

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2020 – Published Scientific Articles

2020 – Published Scientific Articles Feng L, Wu B, Zhu S, et al. (2020) Investigation on data fusion of multi-source spectral data for rice leaf diseases identification using machine learning methods [J]. Frontiers in Plant Science, 2020, 11: 577063. DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2020.577063 Gao F, Ben-Amotz D, Zhou S, et al. (2020) Comparison and chemical structure-related basis

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