This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 861915. Coordinated by George-John Nychas

NoStudent’s Name Organization BSc/ MSc/ PhD/Prom/TalentTitle of Thesis / Awards/Promotion
1George Froutis AUA/HAO PhD Use of sensors for rapid microbiological and physicochemical assessment of corn and corn-based products 
2Giuseppina SequinoUNINA PhD Metagenomics and big data approaches to ensure food quality and safety 
3Rossella Cofano UNINA MSc Exploring the role of Pseudomonas fragi in meat spoilage through a metagenomics approach 
4Luca de Pasquale UNINA MSc Effect of temperature and packaging conditions on fresh fish microbiome 
5Antonietta Scognamiglio UNINA MSc Effect of temperature and packaging conditions on fresh beef microbiome 
6George TsekosAUAMSc Evaluation of new methods for the assessment of microbiological spoilage and quality
7George MyrisisAUAMSc Spectroscopic Methods for the Determination of Microbiological Quality and Adulteration of Raw and Cooked Beef Samples
8Aggeliki DoukakiAUABScΕκτίμηση της μικροβιολογικής ποιότητας και ανίχνευση της νοθείας κοτόπουλου με την χρήση FTIR
9Iro KagiouliAUABScΤαχεία πρόβλεψη της μικροβιακής ποιότητας και ανίχνευση της νοθείας μοσχαρίσιου κρέατος με την χρήση φασματοσκοπίας υπερύθρου με μετασχηματισμό Fourier (FT-IR)
10Maritina SpyratouAUABscA machine learning approach for the estimation of freshness and authenticity in Greek and Danish chicken fillets using a portable Multispectral Imaging (MSI) device
11Dimitris NeroutsosAUA BscMultispectral Imaging Analysis, FT-IR spectroscopy and e-nose analysis in Combination with Machine Learning for the Microbiological Quality Assessment and Discrimination of Various Types of Mussels
12Katerina PsaraftiAUABScΜελέτη βιοϋμενίων σε επιφάνειες ανοξείδωτου χάλυβα και εκτίμηση της μικροβιολογικής κατάστασης φιλέτων κοτόπουλου που ήρθαν σε επαφή με αυτές, με κλασικές και ταχείες μεθόδους που στηρίζονται στην φασματοσκοπία»
13Stahas LeonardosAUThMSc Development of risk assessment tools for Escherichia coli O157 in ground beef patties
14Stahas LeonardosAUThPhD Development of risk assessment tools for food safety management
15Li ZhenglongZJUTalentTalent
16Jiang QianjingZJUTalentTalent
17Cen JaiyenZJUTalentDisntinguished Professorship
18Li XiaoliZJUTalentTop ten most outsatnding agricultural Machinery Teacher
19Nie PengchengZJUPromotionpromoted
20Feng XupingZJUPromotionpromoted
21Liu YufeiZJUPromoted
22Sun Y. SDAUMSc Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid Detection of Meat-Derived Pathogens[D].Shandong Agricultural University,2022. f
23Wei W. SDAUMSc Effects of Low Energy Electron Beam Treatment on the Quality and Shelf Life of Chilled Beef Steaks[D].Shandong Agricultural University,2022.
24Jiang X.SDAUMSc Epidemiological Characteristics and Quantitative Risk Assessment of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli in Chilled Beef Production[D].Shandong Agricultural University,2022. fir
25Liu Y. SDAUMSc Effect of Oregano Essential Oil and Ca2+ on Acid Tolerance and Multiple Resistance of Salmonella under Acid Stress Environment [D].Shandong Agricultural University,2022. second
26Zhang T. SDAUMSc Prevalence and Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus during Processing in Chinese Beef Processing Plants [D].Shandong Agricultural University, 2022. third
27Cui Z. SDAUMSc Epidemiological Characteristics of Salmonella in Raw Beef Production and its Quantitative Microbiological Risk Assessment [D].Shandong Agricultural University,202
SCUMSc 张慧,2019级,MS, Food Science
29JIANG Zhonghua SCUMSc 蒋中华:2019级,MS, Bioinformatics
30ZHOU Zhiwei SCUPhD 周智威,2020级,PhD,Microbiology
31Dr. ZENG Weicai SCUTalent曾维才:Promoted to full professorship
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